Cloud Computing Advantage-How it Help Us

What is Cloud Computing? What exactly does it mean and what are the benefits it gives for business? Basically, Cloud Computing is a computer system that allows users to save information on the web and access them quickly and efficiently whenever they require it, without the need to store documents or programs in computer memory. The information is concentrated on an external server instead of on a specific computer. One of the pioneers and leaders in this topic is Google, which offers services such as Gmail, or Google Docs.
Through Cloud Computing systems it is possible to share files and information without location limits. Just have an Internet connection. In this collaborative work becomes the protagonist. With Google Docs for example you can edit together and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and a variety of other formats. This clearly facilitates the communication and execution of tasks under a freelance or telecommuting (although the collaborators are located in different geographical points, they use the same platform on which they work and edit). Another key contribution of Cloud Computing for freelance teamwork would be multimedia applications, such as Vimeo (to store videos online or to share them with third parties) or PicNik (allows editing images online). In general, Cloud Computing services involve a huge variety of applications. In addition to Gmail, Google Docs, Vimeo and PicNik, as examples we could name Dropbox, Skype, social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), Zoho, Netflix and so many others, which cover different user needs. The truth is that this new model is going strong and without doubt involves many benefits for both small and medium and large companies. All these online resources demolish geographical distances, make it possible to manage remote teams and increase the productivity of each collaborator.


Cost savings
Cloud Computing represents cost savings: it is no longer necessary to invest to update software versions, pay licenses or reinstall programs. It is possible to focus more on the task and leave these issues aside (in Cloud Computing systems upgrades are less frequent and eventually the information center itself will take over)

Under this model it is possible to host documents on a computer that is not ours (as long as the server is reliable). In addition, these systems make backups instantly so the chances of losing information are drastically reduced. The largest Cloud Computing companies offer higher levels of security, and data storage is more secure.

Environmental care
Energy consumption is greatly reduced (you pay for what you consume; unlike leaving a computer in stand-by hours) and carbon dioxide emissions.

With Cloud Computing it is possible to customize applications and thus avoid investing and acquiring software that may not correspond to the needs of the company, because it is generic and not ad-hoc for the organization.

Easy implementation
To use it it is not necessary to buy new hardware or specific licenses. In addition, the mode of use is very easy to learn and does not involve training costs.

No long-term commitment
If the application is enjoyable, go ahead. Otherwise, it is possible to stop using it at any time and change to another provider.

Increased storage capacity
Using cloud services it is possible to store much more information than on a personal computer. Tools like Dropbox allow you to store and synchronize documents online (even large ones), a fundamental contribution to freelance work.

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